Pizza Time

We finally got around to trying to make our own pizzas. (Not entirely from scratch; but from the easy-make "just add water" bread-making packets.)

They didn’t turn out quite like I was expecting (the mozz didn’t melt, and I used too much passata, which was too watery.)

And we didn’t trust when the packet when it said it would make four 8" pizzas; we thought we’d better make two instead. So, we spread them out pretty big, but it still wasn’t enough; they rose like a bastard. My edges were like pizza toppings on a loaf of bread. Much thinner next time, I think.

Still: absolutely DELICIOUS.

Her Pizza.jpg
My Pizza.jpg

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Extreme Close-Up

Christine took this of me, when we were in Skye last week.

My Face.jpg

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Stirling University (again)

Christine had another tutorial at Stirling, but this time the weather was a little bit nicer, so we brought our packed lunch, and ate it outside, on the grass, in the sun, next to the lake. Nice.

All these ducks and swans were hanging around.

Ducks 1.jpg
Ducks 2.jpg
Ducks 3.jpg
Ducks 4.jpg
Ducks 5.jpg

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Hair 2

We went to the Glasgow Art Fair. Christine wanted to buy a print. But we spent ages looking, and couldn’t find anything we both liked. Plus, everything was really expensive, and the people were all either really patronising and pretentious, or really pushing the hard-sell like used car salesmen.

Until we got to PopChoc. We both liked nearly everything they had, and the people were really really nice.

And eventually, Christine bought “Hair 2”:

Hair 2.jpg

The others by the same artist are nice too.

So, all in, pretty cool. :)

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Mike’s Ear

Mike’s ear with the ring out.


Mikes Ear - No Ring.jpg

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<3 pancake

Christine made me breakfast. Awwwwwwwww!


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Snow again

Christine came in to work with me one day, so took this picture of me
outside, in the snow.


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M&S Chocolate Lolly

I could eat a million of these. SO good.


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A day of treats

We had a day of treating ourselves; so after taking the day off, and spending all day in town shopping and cafe-ing, we went out to T.G.I. Fridays, before going to see "Boiling A Frog" at the Tron.

I had a gorgeous 10 oz. steak, Christine had a tower of fajitas, and then I had an "Ultimate" Lynchburg Lemonade. Look how it dwarfs Christine’s puny Manhattan.

Steak at Fridays

Fajitas at Fridays

Cocktails at Fridays

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New jewellery

Christine bought herself a lovely green amber ring, from John Lewis. Nice, eh?

Amber Ring

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Little black dress

Here’s Christine trying on a dress she liked in M&S.

I thought it looked really good, and I really like the inadvertent artsy-ness of the photo, by having her and her reflection in shot. I only wish I’d used a real camera.

Black Dress 2

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More baking

Christine made a carrot cake, with a mascarpone icing.


Carrot Cake

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It seems to me that we eat a lot of fruit in one week.

(NB: I don’t care if rhubarb is not, in fact, a fruit. It was leaning on the fruit bowl, thus it is a fruit, for the purposes of this photo.)

Lots Of Fruit

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I’ll be honest; I’m not the kind of guy to wear jewellery. But when Christine bought me one of these bracelets, I was very pleased.

(Admittedly, I only wore it for about 20 minutes, until it was gone, and I was left with that horrible saliva-soaked elastic string around my wrist.)


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Christine wants this bike.

I had to persuade her not to try and steal it.

Pink Bike

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We went to Beanscene.

Food was eaten, coffees were drunk, and cities & technologies were studied.

Christine Beanscene

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Lots of shopping

This is what the two of us eat in a week.

Well, rather, this is the food we buy in a weekly shop, which obviously isn’t everything we eat. Heh.


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Shouldn’t laugh

I know, you should never laugh at someone else’s misery, especially when it’s fatality-related.

Regardless, I could not help but laugh at this headline, and I wager, you want to too.

Deadly Snowball

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It is snowing outside my office!!!

Snow 1

Snow 2

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That is a very big cheese

I think I made a mistake by not taking these photos with some sort of
context for scale. But they’re really shuge blocks of cheese, with the
same proportions and look as a normal block.

I know it’s not very interesting, but I want one. 😛

Big Cheese 1

Big Cheese 2

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